Benefits Of Solar Energy over Burning Fuel

Published: 02nd September 2009
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Although the initial cost for setting up a photovoltaic system is quite on the high side when compared to other forms of generating electric energy, but on the long run solar energy

Electricity generation is better for several reasons. Firstly, fossil fuel which we use presently in electricity generation has been discovered to be diminishing (that is its availability). Secondly, if we compare the cost of running a solar system and the home electricity generator (runs on petrol or diesel) for a span of five years, the cost on that of the petrol or diesel generator is higher than that of the solar electricity generator.

The overall objective is to illustrate the design of solar energy system, both thermal and photovoltaic types. To do this we examine the solar resource and the ability of various types of solar collectors to capture it effectively. Design tools are developed which integrate performance of insulated solar collectors, along with energy storage, into a large system that delivers either electrical or thermal energy we demand.

Once a solar system is set up, nothing is needed to be replaced or added to it for at least the next 5 years since they have no moving part that may need lubrication and most of the components have long life span. For example, the panels last for about 25 years; batteries can last for 5-6 years. But our generators that work with fossil fuels have moveable parts that wear and also tear due to friction. Then looking at the cost of fuel (petrol or diesel and oil) that will be utilized by the generator over the span of five years, this will give us an idea of the long run advantage that solar electricity generator has.

It is our hope that once the simplicity of solar energy system design is understood, engineers and manufacturers will provide new system designs that will expand the solar market worldwide and permit all to benefit from this clean, sustainable and distributed source of energy.

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